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Archives: Chapter 1: The Beginning * Last 24 hours

Chapter 1: The Beginning
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Dean Winchester(Joe): I do not know who or what I am.
Narrator(Joe): And on and on the plebs complain of their stations in life..
Sam Winchester(Joe): Not I!!!
Narrator(Joe): Evilness is about. I can taste it.
Castiel(Nyx): How can you taste evil. I do not understand.
Dean Winchester(Nyx): *long suffering sigh*
Ruby 1.0(Joe): Are you my mommy?
Ruby 1.0(Joe): mommy?
Castiel(Nyx): I am not your maternal figure. Why would you ask this?
Ruby 1.0(Joe): You remind me of my mommy.. my dead, decomposed mommy..
Castiel(chellointhesea): hello
Chuck Shurley(chellointhesea): i am the profit chuck
Lucifer(DeanCasForever): I'm going to kill you alllll.

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